Ideas for keeping kids active Ideas for keeping kids active

Ideas for keeping kids active

Small giants 9 July, 2018 Maria Clara Restrepo E.

In order for your child to not spend their free time as long days in front of the television or a mobile device, consider the following recommendations.

  • Get out of the house at least 30 minutes a day. Some ideas include going to the nearest park, having a picnic, playing with pets or exploring the neighborhood.
  • Encourage kids to play a sport outside the home. Playing football or basketball with neighbors are good alternatives.
  • Create your own camp at home. This is perfect if you have a garden or green space, but if not, it is also possible to convert different spaces of the house into forts, motivating kids to stay active.
  • Going swimming will not only make kids happy, but it will encourage them to be physically active. Look for parks or clubs that are authorized to have pools.
  • At least once a week, schedule visits to go to different local attractions where you can learn new things. Some options include going to the zoo, aquarium or a local planetarium.
  • Plan a short trip to the national park that is closest to you. Kids will not only be active there, but they will also be able to get in touch with nature and learn new things.

While children may have a little more screen time than normal during their school vacations, it is important to set limits.