How to improve your posture when you walk How to improve your posture when you walk

The human body experienced many changes before it began to walk upright, but the poor posture of modern-day life is affecting human functions as basic as walking.  
To achieve the posture that we have today, humans had to build up the gluteus maximus muscle (which is in charge of extending the hip), the quadricep (which helps keep the knee extended) and the tibialis anterior (which is needed to lift up the tip of the foot). However, the sedentary positions we maintain for long hours throughout the day together with the poor posture that we have acquired from the use of mobile devices is causing the posture that we have developed for thousands of years to regress.
By putting the muscles mentioned above into use when walking, you will walk in a more fluid and effective way that is safer for your health.

Physiatrist Dayra Yolima Erazo and physical therapist Nadya Katich explain the best way to walk and prevent injury. Learn about these helpful practices in the following video.