Including chicken in children’s diets Including chicken in children’s diets

The high content of protein in chicken and its low levels of saturated fat makes it a good food to include in the diets of school-age children.

Because it is easy to prepare and offers a wide variety of recipe options that can be combined with other foods, chicken is a good alternative for parents when it comes time to planning their children’s meals. Also, it often tends to be one of the meats that children prefer due to its mild flavor, it is easy to digest, and it helps improve physical performance as a result of its high iron levels.

According to Claudia Angarita, the Director of the Colombian Center for Integral Nutrition, “With children, it is extremely important to include chicken in their diets, as the nutrients it provides are fundamental to benefiting and protecting important functions and stages, strengthening their muscles, helping them grow and gain weight, and benefitting their cognitive, behavioral and social development. This type of protein also has a high biological value and facilitates the growth of different tissues as well as synthesizes different enzymes.”

Some ways to include it in dishes that are appealing to children are: wraps, burritos or fajitas along with vegetables and something that makes it a little sweet; sandwiches and hamburgers that use chicken as the source of protein; chicken strips or nuggets made from 100% chicken breasts that can be prepared easily at home; breakfast muffins made with chicken and rice; and chicken croquettes or bites filled with cheese or another fun ingredient.