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Since this is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a breast cancer survivor tells us about prevention and love for life.

Prevention and control are two processes that save lives and that María Teresa Sierra Quiroga, a Coomeva Private Healthcare user, firmly believes in. Thanks to these two processes, today she speaks calmly about a situation that reaffirmed her faith and will to live.

After an unexpected diagnosis of breast cancer, María Teresa, afraid, started a treatment that included surgery and radiation therapy. However, she states that her prayers to God requesting a not-so-aggressive treatment were fulfilled when she did not need chemotherapy. She emphasizes that the good and timely care from different medical specialists, the emotional support they gave her, and her positive attitude helped her get through this experience.

“Even though I am a very nervous person, I felt calm. The doctors’ attitude helped me a lot. All of this gave me strength. Obviously, I felt a little tired, but it was not so difficult. Attitude is key and I told my family and friends, everyone. That way, I was not carrying the weight by myself, but with the rest of the world. They called me, they cheered me up. They prayed for me and sent me messages,” she expresses.

In Breast Cancer Awareness Month, early detection is encouraged. “Current knowledge regarding the causes of breast cancer are insufficient, so early detection continues to be essential in the fight against this disease. When it is detected early, an appropriate diagnosis and treatment plan can be established; the possibilities of healing are higher,” informs the World Health Organization.

When she finished radiation therapy, they ordered more exams for María Teresa. This time, the results showed that she was healthy. Retired and born in Cali, she never stopped doing her normal activities: sewing, church, walks, errands. Life lessons? “You have to Live, with a capital L, every day. You should take things easy because stressing about something can make the situation worse, stay close with God and be thankful to life for so many things.”

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