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As easy as sending a message to one of your contacts, you can also access Coomeva Private Healthcare services and procedures via  WhatsApp.

Without a doubt, WhatsApp is a very useful, nearly essential platform for getting closer to our loved ones and sharing different content. But in addition to calls, work groups, and entertainment, it is an application with a much broader scope. Institutions such as the World Health Organization used it to resolve doubts about Covid-19 and to transmit official data and prevention recommendations. In the case of Coomeva Private Healthcare, our WhatsApp line is available to facilitate procedures and provide the information you need, in an instant.

From your home, office, or anywhere you have a connection, you can manage your medical authorizations, do administrative procedures such as make payments, generate certificates, health programs purchases, and others. You can also access health professionals who are available to answer your questions about Covid-19, or other questions related to your wellbeing.

Add our number to your WhatsApp: 315 458 6354

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