Integral solutions, just a click away Integral solutions, just a click away

At our Virtual Office, our affiliates will find a variety of options to manage their healthcare processes.

Medical advisor Jairo Bravo Mendoza, National Information and Technology Director, Coomeva Healthcare Sector

The goal of our Virtual Office is for our affiliates to be able to access our services and benefits in real time from any location. This is a webpage for performing transactions where our clients can request services, access documentation, manage risk factors related to their health, as well as learn about new developments and news related to Coomeva Private Healthcare.

A digital goal

“In order to provide our members with the attention and solutions they need and expect of us, the strategy of the Virtual Office is to provide care and follow-up for each of the cases we address each day, in serving the over 370,000 Coomeva Private Healthcare affiliates. Our goal is for at least 50% of enrollees that are currently using services at our physical branches to change to the virtual options we are offering,” explains Jairo Bravo Mendoza, National Information and Technology Director at the Coomeva Healthcare Sector.

In network

This initiative, along with our self-service kiosks (see pages 68 and 69), is part of the digital strategy of the Coomeva Business Group that will continue to be established throughout this year by incorporating new technologies and points of access.

“This will allow us to ensure that Coomeva’s Healthcare Sector exceeds the services provided by other healthcare companies in the provision of these types of healthcare platforms. We are basing these services on the best practices and solutions that have been developed throughout the world and we have the support of the partnerships that we have built with leading manufacturers of the technology industry,” Bravo adds.

Soon, this Virtual Office will be an integral part of other solutions that will focus on the effective management of high-cost diseases by patients, as well as the access of healthcare services through e-commerce tools.

The Virtual Office was implemented under the guidance of the National Information and Technology Office, as well as with the widespread support of each of Coomeva’s different departments.

How to access the Virtual Office

  • Go to the website for Coomeva Private Healthcare:
  • Find the button titled Oficina Virtual (“Virtual Office”) and sign in.
  • Keep in mind: You can access our Virtual Office using a smartphone or tablet by downloading the mobile app for Coomeva Private Healthcare from the Apple or Android stores.

 What you can find at our Virtual Office

The following services are currently being accessed:

  • Submission of applications.
  • Management of appointments (Red Christus Sinergia).
  • Certificates of affiliation.
  • Timely medical authorization paperwork.
  • Access to the directory of our network providers and a map of their physical locations (clinics, hospitals, specialists, etc.)
  • Videocalls for medical assistance (CEM).
  • Free to our users, access to a website of questions and answers on healthcare issues through the agreement Coomeva holds with the website 1DOC3.
  • General information on the programs and plans of Coomeva Private Healthcare.
  • Access to the Revista Salud Coomeva.
  • If you need assistance, a team will be available to answer your questions regarding how to use our Virtual Office.

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