Is breastfeeding safe in times of Covid-19? Is breastfeeding safe in times of Covid-19?

Do not let the virus stop you from continuing to breastfeed your baby. Here are some recommendations for continuing with this beneficial practice.

Protecting their babies is probably the main instinct many mothers are experiencing in the face of the coronavirus pandemic, since, according to information published by the Mayo Clinic, “newborns can become infected with the virus that causes Covid-19 during birth or through exposure to ill caregivers after delivery”.

However, the same entity emphasizes that the disease has rarely manifested itself in children under the age of two, and that in the United States, for example, only 9% of all cases have been detected in children.

UNICEF gives some reassurance in this regard, clarifying that “to date, no transmission of active cases of Covid-19 through breast milk or breastfeeding have been detected.” They even insist that skin-to-skin contact and early breastfeeding is essential for the baby’s proper development, so it could be counterproductive to stop this process because of the virus.

In the event of a suspected infection, it is only necessary to wash the chest if you have coughed on it. Otherwise, there is no need to wash it each time the baby is fed. The National Health Institute in Colombia encourages mothers to continue this practice and take into account some recommendations.

  • Start breastfeeding within the first hour after birth
  • Children should exclusively be breastfed for the first six months
  • Continue breastfeeding for two years or more, along with safe, adequate, and age-appropriate complementary food starting at six months.

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