Is Covid-19 transmitted through food or packaging? Is Covid-19 transmitted through food or packaging?

One of the measures adopted during the crisis was disinfecting food and packaging purchased in supermarkets and stores.

After a year of global health emergency due to Covid-19, studies continue to establish the virus’s behavior. Recently, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced that there is no evidence to confirm Covid-19 transmission through the consumption of food or contact with its packaging.

“Our confidence in the safety of the food supply remains strong. Consumers should be reassured, following current scientific information and based on an overwhelming international scientific consensus, that it is highly unlikely that food and its packaging will spread the coronavirus,” say the entities in this statement.

The bulletin emphasizes that Covid-19 is a respiratory disease that is transmitted from person to person, which is different from other intestinal viruses such as norovirus or hepatitis A, which are transmitted through food. “Since the number of virus particles that could theoretically be picked up by touching a surface would be very small, and the amount needed for infection by oral inhalation is very high, the chances of infection by touching the surface of food packaging or by eating it are considered to be extremely low,” they add.

Therefore, washing food, containers, and surfaces is recommended in order to avoid other types of diseases, but we must careful when doing so, since they should not be washed with alcohol, disinfectants, or any other chemical. The best option is soap and water.

Useful measures to prevent Covid-19

The Ministry of Health continues to develop campaigns to raise awareness, reminding us that the most effective way to prevent it is by frequently washing our hands with soap and water, as it reduces the risk of contracting coronavirus by up to 50%. In addition, they highlight other preventative measures to do on a daily basis:

  • Avoid close contact with sick people.
  • When sneezing, cover your mouth with the inside of your elbow.
  • If you have cold symptoms, it is best to stay home and wear a mask.
  • Air out enclosed spaces.

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