Is it normal to feel sad after childbirth? Is it normal to feel sad after childbirth?

According to the American Pregnancy Association, after childbirth, up to 70% of mothers experience what is referred to as the “baby blues.”

These feelings of sadness, stress and confusion are completely normal and are the result of hormonal changes women experience during the last few months of pregnancy and childbirth. These also occur as a response to the lifestyle changes that having a new child implies such as not getting enough sleep, having new responsibilities, and having a fear of the unknown, unexpected, or of a disease or accident, among other common situations.

It is normal for these emotions to come with irritability, impatience, anxiety, fatigue and a high level of sensitivity. Over time, however, these symptoms should go away.

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If these symptoms remain for 14 days or worsen, this may be postpartum depression, in which case it is important to see a specialist.