Is there a proper age to give a cell phone to your child? Is there a proper age to give a cell phone to your child?

Before giving this desired device to your children, determine whether they are independent and responsible with their daily activities.

Cell phones offer several alternatives to accessing information, creating content and interacting on the web, all of which provide children the opportunity to experiment with their freedom and judgment on digital platforms.

The child psychologist at Hospital Casa de Salud and author of the book Educación familiar en la era digital (Parenting in a Digital Age), David de Cubas affirms that most importantly, parents should be aware of the responsibility they are giving their children so they can evaluate their level of maturity and make sure they will use these devices appropriately.

How do you measure maturity? “When they learn to express their feelings, when they know how to accept responsibility for the mistakes they make, or when you do not have to be on top of them to make sure they are doing their homework,” de Cubas explains. As Gabriela Paoli, an expert in technology addictions, states, it is important “…to notice the stage the child is in, such as by analyzing how independent they are with their schoolwork or sports, or whether they practice healthy hygiene and eating habits, or whether they are organized and careful with their toys. All of these are clues as to whether they are at the right stage.”

Keep in mind

Agreeing on how long the device can be used for will help prepare parents for arguments about children not finishing their chores, not engaging in age-appropriate activities or if they become distant with family and friends.

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