It Is Everyone’s Commitment It Is Everyone’s Commitment

Each contributor strives for an optimal and healthy work ambiance.

Advisor Sandra Yanira Ocampo Sarmiento
National CEO Human Management Health Division Coomeva Private Healthcare

A work ambiance that is stimulating for its contributors allows for a team that is more committed to its surroundings and the company. There is one incentive that does not refer to wages but deals with promoting values as important as solidarity, equality, transparency, respect, team work, the value of listening to others, asking for help without fear of what others will say and exercising good practice that results I doing things in a better way each new day. “When this happens, contributors begin to give the best of themselves leading naturally to a healthy work ambiance where people tend to help one another in couples, work as a team to solve problems and feel important from whatever position it is they hold because they understand that their role is fundamental in achieving their goals,” explains Sandra Yanira Ocampo Sarmiento, National CEO Human Management Health Division Coomeva Private Healthcare. In some way, this means learning to transcend and to overcome the tribulations of the day such as stress, pressure and arguments between colleagues without losing the objectives established as an area and as an organization. It is also about profiting in the best way in the most difficult moments to turn them into useful routes of learning.

To the same tune

“If we work on this, people begin to leverage their personal and family life from inside the company; they learn to be healthier and think positively in every day situations and difficult moments. When someone gives the best of themselves, doubtless they receive the best,” adds Ocampo Sarmiento.

The above must leverage, also, on the active pauses that human resources manages, on practical exercises of self-care, on updates that promote general wellbeing and allow contributors to lead a healthy routine both on a physical and on a mental level. In this way each person will learn to manage his time, his social relations and his way of interacting with the world around him in the best way.

Positive stress shows when we interpret consequences as favorable to oneself and to one’s surroundings.

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