It is possible to convert negative thoughts into positive ones It is possible to convert negative thoughts into positive ones

The process is a simple one, but it takes time and practice. The deal is to create a new habit.

Herein below, the Mayo Clinic provides some ways of thinking and behaving in a more positive manner:

  • Identifying areas for making changes. If you want to be more optimistic and have more positive thoughts, it is necessary to know in what areas of life you more frequently have negative thoughts, whether regarding work, daily transportation from home to office or a relationship.
  • Control. From time to time, you should assess what you are thinking about. If you discover that your thoughts are mostly negative, the task is trying to find a way to make them turn around.
  • Be open to the sense of humor. You can allow yourself to smile and laugh, especially during difficult situations. This attitude releases endorphins in your brain, a hormone that performs and important role in regulating happiness and a wellbeing sensation.
  • Get positive people around you. Assure yourself that the people who are part of your life are assertive, provide support to you and are individuals with whom you can count on for receiving advises and useful comments.
  •  Talk positively to yourself. Start with a simple rule: do not tell yourself anything you would not tell the others. Be kind and encouraging to yourself. If you have a negative thought, assess it in a rational manner and seek for its more positive side. The recommendation is to think about those things for which your feel grateful.

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