It’s that time It’s that time

It’s that time

Keep in mind 9 December, 2016 Ana María López de Mesa

The countdown for reaching our 2017 goals begins on January 1. In order to meet them, they need to be built upon a solid foundation.

After the joy and jubilee of December comes the silence and calm of the new year; often seen as an opportunity to accomplish goals and build dreams.

The tradition of eating 12 grapes is among the many superstitions that are practiced before new year’s, drawing on our. The recommendation of Pastor García, life coach, is to make a “black list” and a “white list.” In the black list, write down everything that was negative and uncomfortable about the previous year, then burn it over a candle or in a fire before new year’s strikes. With the white list, write down your resolutions for next year.

“This activity connects something negative with something positive. For example, on the black list I can write, ‘I was not very accepting of my family,’ and on the white list I can write, ‘I am going to be more accepting and loving of the family I live with,’” explains Pastor García.

How to reach your goals

To reach your goals and prevent them from disappearing into thin air, García suggests, “They should be realistic, measurable and attainable. They can’t be things like, ‘I want to go to the moon or to Mars.’”

Mr. García also recommends making a treasure map or a map of your dreams. This involves taking magazine cutouts that reflect your resolutions, such as a house or car that you like. Next to them put the dates you want to accomplish them by, but do not stress yourself out if it is not completed by that time.

This map should be hung on the wall so that you can see it and keep it present on a daily basis, or you can put it away and take it out to refresh your memory one to two times a week. Take a picture of this map, print it out, fold it and keep it in your wallet so it is always available to you.

You can also write your resolutions in a journal and read them regularly so that you do not forget them. Give a deadline for each goal and review them every 15 days or once a month depending on the process, a practice that will help to guarantee that you reach these goals.
Once a goal is met, do not forget to celebrate it. Treat yourself to something you like a lot such as dessert or a glass of wine, light a candle, eat a delicious meal, throw a party, etc. And do not forget to write down on your map or in your journal that you have already reached this goal. Visualizing your goal is important.

It is important to evaluate the choices you have made over the past 12  months. Make changes to those less desirable habits.


  1. Lose weight. Get into better shape and improve your health. Prior to beginning a diet and exercise routine, see a doctor, sports medicine specialist and a nutritionist to get a complete physical assessment.
  2. Spend more time with your family to share new moments together, engage in conversation and become closer. This is one of the steps towards achieving a good emotional support network.
  3. Spend less time on the Internet and on social networks. Do not just have virtual relationships, have real ones too, which are more quality and closer.
  4. Get a new job or start your own business, especially if your current job is not meeting your professional or financial expectations.
  5. Study a postgraduate degree, another language or take a class in a topic that interests you to make you a more qualified professional, get a promotion or to just learn something new.
  6. Improve your relationship. This can be achieved by communicating more often and more assertively, or with therapy.
  7. Make more friends or start a relationship. To reach this goal, go to social gatherings or take classes as these spaces are conducive to interacting with other people.
  8. Travel. Keep in mind that traveling is not just a way to see other places or get to know other cultures. It is also a way to share time with others, have fun, interact with others and strengthen family ties.
  9. Save money. Set aside between 10% and 30% of your income for your personal savings, which can be used in the future for something that you need or want.
  10. Buy a car or house. A vehicle is a convenience that can help you to make the most of your time or allow you to go on trips with your family. Having your own home is an investment that improves your financial situation and gives you stability.
  11. Get medical checkups every six months. This is a preventive measure that can help with receiving a timely diagnosis.
  12. Meet up with friends that you haven’t seen in a while. Reminiscing on the past is a source of happiness and strength, it also deepens and restores friendships.
  13. Take more leisure or fun time. Play, go to the movies, go on trips, go to the theater, to a museum, to a park, to a circus or to a natural setting to have fun, enjoy and release stress.
  14. Stop smoking, drinking or using recreational drugs. This will improve your health and your quality of life.
  15. Become a volunteer or donate to a nonprofit institution or social effort. This will bring you great satisfaction as this makes you feel useful and generous.
  16. Read more. This stimulates your imagination, is educational and fun. It also increases your vocabulary and improves your spelling.
  17. Write a book. This helps develop your intellectual and logic skills, and once you have finished and published, it will leave you feeling happy about yourself.
  18. Teach something that you know. By sharing your knowledge, you are helping others to learn something new, also a great source of satisfaction.

Tips for an enjoyable holiday

  1. Eat just a little more without feeling bad: while the holidays warrant it, it’s not a bad idea get on a diet afterwards to catch up.
  2. Do not stop your sports activities, especially during this season when we tend to eat more. Exercise will help you stay in good shape.
  3. Play as a family. Board games and activities are not just a way to have fun, but they help people get to know each other better.