Jump rope, a well-rounded exercise Jump rope, a well-rounded exercise

It is not just for kids. This activity improves your cardiovascular health and revitalizes your trainings. When doing jump rope, take your fitness into account.

You can do it at the park, in the parking lot, or at home. The Mayo Clinic says jump rope increases your heart rate and promotes a healthy heart. Also, it is an idea for completing the minimum of 150 minutes per week of cardiovascular exercise, as suggested by the American College of Sports Medicine.

Runner’s World, a specialized publication for runners and athletes, recommends one session of 30 minutes, though each individual should consider their own physical fitness and health. Additional benefits of this exercise include:

  • Improves physical fitness
  • For runners, contributes to an increase in speed
  • Helps to tone the body and strengthen muscles
  • A single exercise works out the whole body
  • It is simple, practical, and does not require equipment or a lot of space

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