Key tests starting at 60 years of age Key tests starting at 60 years of age

After 65 years of age, it is advisable to visit a specialist and submit to frequent checks ups, even if you feel well.

Medical tests/exams are basic for detecting potential health problems, and to promote a better life style. For men older than 65 years, the United States Medicine National Library suggests to have the following controls in mind:

Blood pressure

Have your blood pressure taken at least once a year. If the higher number is between 120 and 139, and the lower number between 80 and 89, make an annual follow up.

Cholesterol and heart diseases

At least once each five years, checkup if their levels are normal. In case you suffer from diabetes, high cholesterol, kidney problems or heart diseases, make this control more frequently.


Approximately each three years, if you are not overweighed or don’t have other risk factors. If you present any of the above factors, consult your doctor for making these controls more frequently.

Eye Exam

This exam should be made each year or each two years; if you suffer from diabetes, each year.

Hearing Exam

Submit to this exam if you perceive or present loss of this function.

Prostate cancer detection

The risk of this cancer increases with age (it is essential in men older than 70 years) and, they are routine exams for men without symptoms. Talk with a specialist about this exam.

Visit to the dentist

It is advisable to visit the dentist once or twice a year, for review and cleaning.

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