Conscientious kids and daily chores Conscientious kids and daily chores

María Montessori was an educator in the 20th century that introduced a philosophy for successfully teaching kids through the use of logic, common sense, and patience for children to develop a peaceful and balanced personality. 

In order to achieve this, the Montessori schools created an age-appropriate chore chart for parents to have their children to practice them little by little. The majority are household chores that will help them develop their pragmatism, fine motor skills and sensory experience, making them feel useful and important.


Ages 2 – 3


Ages 4 – 5



Ages 6 – 7


Ages 8 – 9


Ages 10 – 11


Ages 12 and up

Put toys in toy box Feed pets Gather trash Change light bulbs Clean bathrooms Mop floors

Stack books on shelf

Wipe up spills


Fold towels



Load dishwasher


Vacuum rugs



Vacuum and wash car

Place dirty clothes in laundry hamper        

Make the bed



Weed garden


Dust furniture


Deep clean kitchen


Paint walls

Throw things in the trash        

Straighten the bedroom


Rake leaves


Put groceries away


Mow lawn


Wash windows


Fold washcloths



Water the plants



Peel carrots



Scramble eggs



Prepare simple meal



Do simple home repairs