Kids, have fun at home! Kids, have fun at home!

Learn about options for taking advantage of children’s time by doing tasks that keep their body and mind busy.

Having kids at home without school or homework affects the little ones’ daily routine, which is normally full of activities. Having too much unstructured time can lend itself to starting bad habits or encouraging inactivity.

According to information from EFE Salud and school psychologist Blanca Batllori, the best option is to establish a “work time,” where they can play games, do homework, and even help with chores around the house.

For kids, starting when they are 2 years old, there are an infinite number of activities, such as drawing, painting, and other games that do not necessarily require screens. Older kids can continue receiving classes online. Batllori adds that parents can do their part and prevent their kids from spending too much time on the couch or in bed or using electronic devices excessively.

In order to have a healthier time at home, The Official School of Psychology of Madrid advises:

  • Keep family schedules and habits the same so that this situation does not interfere with the order and security routines provide.
  • Encourage time for free play, sports, body movement, and even leave time for boredom.
  • Make schedules, homework, and age-appropriate responsibilities a habit, dedicating time each day for reading or intellectual stimulation.
  • Differentiate between weekday and weekend schedules and routines.

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