Know your lifestyle Know your lifestyle

By consciously monitoring your eating and exercise routines, it is now possible to understand what habits put your health at risk.

Having a normal heart rate depends on several factors. Being familiar with and monitoring it and can provide you with indications about your state of health. The average resting heartbeat for adults, for example, ranges between 60 and 100 beats per minute. Also, all people burn calories differently depending on their age, height, physical activity and sex.

Keeping a daily record of how you eat, your exercise routine, how much you weigh, your sleep hygiene, and how much water you drink, may help you become more aware of your lifestyle and bring your attention of those routines you should change, transform or improve to benefit your health.

Currently, there are several digital alternatives that allow you to keep track of personalized information through apps or information systems. In real time, these apps and devices help inform you about the habits that positively or negatively affect your lifestyle in order to determine what could be causing your health problems. They also send you tips that can help lower your risk factors and prevent diseases over time.


With this in mind, Coomeva Private Healthcare provides its affiliates with a web and mobile application, My Story. Affiliates can access this app from any location, so they can build their own constantly evolving digital medical history that can help them change their habits to prevent and treat health risks. This tool then filters the data patients enter into it to continually send them personalized recommendations with scientific evidence through e-mail and text messages. These messages include useful topics on promoting self-care, mental wellbeing and comprehensive care.

An online medical history

Users can download the app by searching for My Story Coomeva Private Healthcare in their app store or at Google Play.

This is a personalized system based on functional medicine that allows people to determine the cause of their health problems, which can help them better understand their own conditions.