Meditation improves memory and the ability to learn Meditation improves memory and the ability to learn

A group of scientists from the University of Massachusetts (U.S.) discovered what happens to the brains of people who practice meditation. 

The scientists worked with 20 participants who completed an intensive relaxation course over a period of eight weeks. MRIs of the participants’ brains were taken two weeks before and two weeks after completion of the two-month course. The final analysis found an increased density in the grey matter of the participants’ hippocampus, which improves memory and the ability to learn.

The study, published in the journal, “Psychiatry Research: Neuroimaging” also found that, “…the areas of the brain related to attention, introspection and sensory processing were thicker.”

According to researchers, during the process, the individuals said that they felt less stress, which was reflected in their MRIs as their brains had lower concentrations of gray matter in the area that affects anxiety levels.

Another conclusion from the analysis highlights how meditating 10 minutes a day can help someone experience significant benefits in their body and mind. However, meditating for an average of 27 minutes a day can allow the brain to begin to experience significant physical changes in a period of just under eight weeks.

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