Lavender and its benefits Lavender and its benefits

Lavender and its benefits

WITH YOUR WORLD 23 February, 2019 Ana María López de Mesa

Relaxing and reducing muscle pain are some positive aspects of including lavender in beverages and food.

This plant is popularly cultivated in Europe, on the Mediterranean basin, and it is commonly found as an ingredient in some French and Spanish cuisine recipes. When included in beverages and food, the lavender provides some benefits resulting from its anti-inflammatory and calming properties.

This is why, a way to reduce stress and anxiety in a natural manner can be to include this plant in our diet. Using it in small doses not only provides a pleasant flavor to our palates, but also brings some relaxing benefits associated to decreasing headache and muscle tension, as well as nervous alleviation.

For reducing muscle pains, the recommendation is to prepare an infusion of dry lavender and add it to hot beverages such as coffee and tea. For the lavender to have a refreshing flavor the ideal is to use it in small doses or prepare an infusion with its leaves with sugar or a sweetener, but not directly in the beverage. Including lavender in this kind of preparations is also a sleeping benefit as the plant has relaxing properties that may help fighting insomnia and achieve a deeper and repairer sleep.

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