Learn about some types of depression Learn about some types of depression

Life is full of ups and downs, but when an individual feels sad, empty or hopelessness most of the time, he/she is probably suffering from depression.

This is mental health affection that should be treated on time in order to avoid affecting the life quality of the patient. Many of its symptoms can be improved with treatment. The Health and Human Service Department of the United States of America explains some of this disease’s types:

  •  Severe depressive disorder. This disorder affects the patient’s capacity to sleep, work, study, eat and enjoy his daily´s distractions and activities.
  • Postnatal depression. This disorder is diagnosed when a mother who just gave birth suffers a depressive episode after delivery. It also can occur during pregnancy and is called prenatal depression.
  • Seasonal affective disorder. Appears in the winter months, when natural light is reduced.
  • Bipolar depression. This is the depressive stage of bipolar disease and requires a treatment different from that of the severe depression.

General symptoms

Feeling sad, melancholic or empty, crying frequently, feeling hopeless, unable, without value or useless. Other signals of alarm are loss of interest, lack of energy, difficulty to concentrate, remember or make decisions, being unable to sleep, wake up very early and wanting to remain in bed, lack of appetite, thinking about dying or suicide, irritation, physical annoyances that don’t improve with treatment, such as headache and stomachache.

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