Learn about vinegar benefits Learn about vinegar benefits

The vinegar is a natural additive, like the spices and the salt. Using it correctly will give good taste to food.

The MedlinePlus Portal talks about the five main functions of natural and artificial additives such as sugars, antioxidants and antibiotics:

  1. They give a consistent and smooth texture to food. The emulsifiers prevent products to separate and the thickeners provide a uniform texture.
  2. Improve or maintain the nutritional value. Many foods and beverages are fortified and enriched for providing vitamins, minerals and some other nutrients such as flour, cereal, margarine and milk. This helps to compensate any low amount or lack of vitamins and minerals in people’s diet.
  3. Maintain food healthiness. Bacteria and other microorganisms can give rise to diseases transmitted through food consumption. The preservers reduce the damage the bacteria and microorganisms can produce. Some of them help to preserve food taste, as they prevent fats and oils to become rancid and also fresh fruits to darken when exposed to air.
  4. They control food basic acid balance and provide fermentation. Some additives help to change food basic acid balance in order to obtain a determined taste or color.
  5. They provide color and improve taste. Certain colors improve food aspect. Many spices, as well as some synthetic and natural flavors, highlight flavors.

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