Learn about what are the common fears among children Learn about what are the common fears among children

It is normal for little ones to suffer fears. These emotions teach them to be cautious.

The portal Kidshealth, of Nemours Foundation, details what are some of the more frequent fears and the ages in which they appear.

Between 10 months and two years of age. The children feel fear of being separated from their parents and they don’t want to be alone in other places or at the time of going to sleep.

From 4 years of age to 6 years. They use their imagination, fear of illusory images, darkness or nightmares. They also fear of strong noises.

Older than 7 years of age. The little ones start fearing of real-life dangers, they are aware that “monsters” under the bed don’t exist.

How to support them?

The role of the parents is providing security to their children, try to separate from your little child during short periods of time, hug him and tell him you will come back. In front of fear of darkness, develop a relaxing routine that includes reading or singing. Limiting the films or images that can scare them. Checking together that monsters and other creatures don’t exist.

Take into account

Visit a specialist if your child’s fears are too intense, preventing your child from having a normal life, and if such fears extend much more beyond the common age and generate physical symptoms.

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