Learn and study at home Learn and study at home

Attending classes online and doing homework during quarantine requires a lot of effort. Here are some guidelines to help your children achieve this. 

Just as working from home has its challenges, studying from home also has its implications. The Neumors Foundation website, Kidshealth, offers some advice for helping children concentrate on their tasks.

  1. Help your child plan the day. Make a schedule together and separate class and homework time from time to eat, free time, and time for chores and physical activity. Try to stick to this schedule.
  2. Attention is key. The child needs to understand that class time is still for learning, not for games or other distractions. Taking notes and participating can help with concentration.
  3. Find a suitable place. Ideally it should have a comfortable chair and a proper desk, with good light and ventilation. Hopefully it is free from noise and distractions, and has a good internet connection.
  4. Divide the material. When your child has several subjects to study, one tip is to divide it into parts and schedule studying. Going over notes and making diagrams can also be useful.
  5. Ask for help. Your child does not need to be afraid of questions. If they feel stuck on a topic, they can ask the teacher, other classmates, or one of their parents, if needed.
  6. Do not forget active pauses. They are also good for children who have been sitting for a long time.

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