Learning how to choose the school back pack Learning how to choose the school back pack

If they are not correctly used or with too much weight, the back packs produce muscle and joint problems in children.

A bad use of backpacks also gives rise to pain on the back, neck and shoulders. The American Academy of Pediatrics provides some recommendations for choosing it, giving it an effective use and in this way avoid maladies.

  • Wide and padded suspenders on the shoulders: narrow suspenders restrict circulation, and in addition two of them are required for a suitable distribution of weight.
  • Padded support: protects the body against sharp objects or edges located inside the backpack.
  • Light cargo: according to the World Health Organization (WHO), the backpack weight should not exceed 10 to 15% of child’s weight. Suitcases with wheels are a good option, as well as using lockers.

Take into account

Remind the child to use both suspenders and tight them in such a way that the backpack remains close to the body, 5 cm above his/her weight. Pack the heavier items close to the center of the child’s back and tell your children to inform you if they feel any discomfort produced by his/her backpack.

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