Letting go to move on Letting go to move on

Letting go to move on

WITH YOUR MIND 1 February, 2019 Ana María López de Mesa

Prevent physical situations and emotions from affecting your motivation. Having a great year requires consistency and attitude.

 Medical Advisors Dr. Julián Hurtado Mondragón, Specialist in Alternative Therapy, practitioner at Coomeva Private Healthcare
Dr. Jaime Adams Dueñas – Psychiatrist, practitioner at Coomeva Private Healthcare

Once you start your year and January is over, it is time to get things in order, get the motivation from this season to last for the next 10 months and incorporate a better rhythm for your daily life.

In this sense of the word, the term “detox” has become common. While this term generally refers to the process a person goes through who is addicted to substances, or to medical treatment administered to someone who has come into contact with toxic substances in order to eliminate them, the meaning of detox has expanded and now also refers to bodily, mental and digital aspects.

A burden-free body

The body has natural ways of cleansing itself from what it doesn’t need in order for it to function. The organs responsible for doing this are the liver, the kidneys, the colon and, to a lesser extent, the lungs and the skin. These organs neutralize and transform toxins so that they can be eliminated either through urine or feces.

The best recommendation is to keep your digestive system and liver healthy. This can be achieved by doing regular exercise, leading a balanced diet that is rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals, and avoiding the consumption of alcohol.

This is why it is not necessary to resort to extreme diets that encourage fasting or to exclusively consume of some type of food or drink to detoxify yourself. “If we do not give our body energy and then we begin to use it, we affect our metabolism and other normal body processes,” says Dr. Julián Hurtado, a specialist in alternative therapies and plant pharmacology.

In addition to a healthy lifestyle, Dr. Julián Hurtado has a few recommendations to help aid in the process of eliminating waste. “Eating artichokes, flaxseed, white tea or pomegranate help the body function properly.” However, he cautions, “Each treatment is individual and what works for one person, may not help another.” The best recommendation, therefore, is to consult with a professional before making drastic changes in your eating habits.

A strong mind

For many people, the end and beginning of the year can be particularly stressful times because in addition to stress, there may be family gatherings or difficult economic situations. Free yourself from emotional burdens in order to focus on continuing to fulfill the goals that were planned for the months to come.

“When we talk about detoxing, we refer to eliminating a harmful agent that is not good for our body. When it comes to our minds, feelings or circumstances in our environments may be what bring additional stress to what we normally experience,” explains psychiatrist Jaime Adams Dueñas.

To offset the effects of this state, Dr. Adams recommends taking time away from distractions to do introspection, examine what our state of mind is and what behaviors or attitudes are worth keeping. Most importantly, he invites us to determine triggers bring up negative emotions or attitudes that make us feel worried and stressed in order to remove them from our everyday lives.

“We must put in the time to let ourselves grow internally; each one of us can achieve this through different techniques. One alternative can be to put relaxing music on,” the doctor explains. Other forms of doing this are to meditate, write, do art or exercise.

Digital detox

While keeping us informed of what is going on around us, being connected involves receiving and sending a constant flow of information that can also be a source of stress. “Just as children are given limits with them, adults also need limits, so they spend their time on other activities,” says Jaime Adams Dueñas. Some guidelines to achieving this are to:

  • Set aside a specific time during the day or several 10-minute periods to check your mobile devices.
  • Do not be afraid to remove yourself from social networks if you realize that they produce negative feelings in you such as envy or a lack of motivation with your own life.
  • Turn your work chat groups and your most active groups in WhatsApp to silent to avoid being in a constant state of alert.

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