Life expectancy throughout the world Life expectancy throughout the world

Life expectancy throughout the world

Trends 26 September, 2017 Isabel Vallejo

The life expectancy for women throughout the world reached 75.3 years in 2016, while for men, it was 69.8 years.

This figure was published by a study from the British medical journal, The Lancet. This annual analysis conducted by the Global Burden Disease (GBD) network confirmed that the average life expectancy for both genders in Japan is 83.9 years, the highest life expectancy in the world.

The Central African Republic, on the other hand, has the lowest life expectancy on the planet. According to the report, their life expectancy dips down to 50.2 years. Related article: A Mediterranean diet helps to promote a healthy lifestyle.

In Spain, the study found that the life expectancy for men is 80.3 years, which is 2.7 years higher than a decade ago. In women, this number reaches 85.6 years, which is 1.6 years more than in 2006.

As life expectancies rise, so do the years one lives with one or several diseases, the GBD report showed. Each year the report provides global and national estimates on more than 330 diseases, causes of death and injuries in 195 countries and regions throughout the world. Related article: Calcium, an ally to your health.