Live fully during menopause Live fully during menopause

In this stage of a woman’s life, there are many significant reasons to handle it with normalcy and positivism.

For many women, being over 45 years old means the start of a natural cycle that brings about different changes in their body, mood, and sexuality, all of which should be handled with information and practicality. According to the website, symptoms of menopause are unique for every woman and can include: hot flushes, lack of concentration, depression, hot flashes, and changes in sleeping habits.

Menopause is the result of hormonal changes that are completely normal in a woman’s life. The first thing that can improve your quality of life is your diet, by increasing water consumption as well as plant-based food, such as fruit, vegetables, and whole-wheat cereal. Take these changes as an opportunity to connect with yourself by doing healthy activities such as meditation or yoga, which cultivate wellness and harmony.

In your sex life, even though you will have physiological changes, you can use this as an opportunity to improve your communication with your partner and have spaces full of romance and foreplay that will connect you both to fully live your intimacy. Menopause is an inevitable cycle for women, but it can also be lived with complete satisfaction starting with your decision to live through the small changes.

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