Healthy school lunches for kids Healthy school lunches for kids

To make a school lunch appetizing, fun and healthy, you need a little creativity, motivation and to be resourceful. A school lunch should provide between 250 and 300 of the 1,200 calories that a school-age child needs a day. 

It is therefore important to involve children when buying the ingredients for school lunches, giving them healthy options. Surprising them with new foods in small, but fun, portions such as sandwiches in the forms of stars or triangles, fruit cut out in the shape of hearts, crackers with cream cheese, among other ideas.

The best combination of a healthy school lunch is a drink that hydrates, a fruit that strengthens the immune system, a food item that is a good source of energy and a food item that helps further the child’s growth. According to nutritionist Clara Lucía Valderrama, food restrictions on children should be less as they are growing and also burn calories faster than adults.

Look in this video creative andh healthy ideas for your lunches: