Looking deeper into cancer Looking deeper into cancer

Looking deeper into cancer

A healthy mind 5 October, 2016 María Alejandra Tavera

Seeing the disease as an opportunity to transform your life is the foundation for finding a balance between the mind and body.

José Gerardo Albán
Surgeon, practitioner at Coomeva Private Healthcare

Being diagnosed with cancer is not easy for anyone. From a Medicine for Happiness perspective, a diagnosis like this could become an opportunity for the person to reflect upon and analyze the mental and emotional aspects of their lives, and may try to the find those negative habits that they can change to bring them physical healing.

José Gerardo Albán is a surgeon and expert in psychoneuroendocrinoimmunology, the science that explains how the mind can both make us sick and heal us. He explains the anyone can be healed from a disease when they frequently have positive, happy thoughts and express joy.

The Irish neurologist Suzanne O’Sullivan, author of the book It’s All in Your Head, warns that the origin of many current health problems is found in an organic response to a psychological concern, “… a mental stress that people are not aware of, through which the body tells them that something is not okay, and is not interpreted correctly.”

This is not about stopping treatment, medications or refraining from getting regular checkups. It is about discovering that a balanced diet and exercise, together with factors such as family unity, good social relationships, enjoying each moment and being thankful, all fuel the hope to win the battle against cancer.


Seeing things from another perspective

Traditional medicine tends to focus almost exclusively on physical symptoms. This is why some choose to learn about alternative medicine or decide to explore the field of psychology and behavioral medicine. The study of behavioral medicine examines the relationship between the mind and the body and treats the individual from a broader perspective as it includes biological factors, psychological factors and even social factors.

The Clínica de la Ansiedad (Anxiety Clinic) in Spain reveals that anxiety, stress and depression act upon different hormones. This causes changes in the body that make people more sensitive to pain, which has an influence on the onset of different diseases such as high blood pressure, asthma, the flu, hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism, stomach ulcers, irritable bowel syndrome, headaches, muscle contractions, etc.


The hope to improve life

The call for your attention is clear: smile at life, at its adversities and in the face of a disagreement. It is not very common for us to reflect on how transcendental everything is that we store it in our heads, and how the body and spirit receive this information and connect with each other to try and reach a balance in our health. We must be receptive to balance.

“People die because they think that they’re going to die of cancer; they release their negative internal pharmaceutical, cortisol. It’s when the we decide to break the vicious circle of negativity and overcome it that our life expectancy increases,” Albán concludes.


Inspirational experiences

On the Internet, the video “El testimonio de Camila” (The story of Camila) can be found. The video tells the story of a young woman that was diagnosed with lupus at the age of 13. Throughout the course of her disease, she experienced the renal, cardiac and respiratory failure. Her condition put her in the ICU for 60 days. When she was discharged, she decided to apply Medicine for Happiness to her life. With a new attitude, she has slowly stopped receiving dialysis and at the age of 18 is now a woman with a better quality of life.

Now 33, Pilar was diagnosed with breast cancer three years ago. A surgical procedure (a mastectomy) and radiation treatment helped to improve her health. During a checkup a year ago, however, a metastasis was found in her liver, brain, lungs and bones. Someone told her about Medicine for Happiness and she decided to find out more about it. A year later, after getting medical treatments for cancer and working on herself as person, Pilar can now plan for her future once again and is convinced that she can be healed.


Fuel a good attitude

While the brain has a natural tendency to produce positive feelings, it still must be activated. Here are some tips that you can use on a daily basis to stimulate your brain:

  • Enjoy the little things. Give an unexpected smile, make a nice gesture and go for an enjoyable walk.
  • Enjoy those around you. It is easier to achieve wellbeing in an environment where there is family and friends.
  • Be patient. Remember that however much in a hurry you are, things will come when they want to.
  • Be supportive. Help others than just those that you know or love.