Make a better version of yourself Make a better version of yourself

The coming of a new year is an opportunity to bring cycles to an end and welcome what lies ahead, recharged with the best of energies.

Medical advisor José Gerardo Albán, surgeon

Jorge Duque, coach

More than just taking account of our personal lives, of feeling melancholic about what we didn’t do or regretting the things we did, the end of the year is an opportunity to gain an understanding of the situations we experienced, to take actions in the present, and transform our lifestyles step by step. This allows us to enter a new phase free of burdens on our shoulders and with more opportunities to build a new version of ourselves. As the surgeon José Gerardo Albán explains, “The key is in taking on things that are meaningful to you and in improving your relationships, health, prosperity, your contact with the rest of the world, and in taking care of your mental health in order to have an understanding of the results you want to achieve.” For this scholar of alternative medicine, visualizing what we want is the first step to designing a blueprint for our lives that can be rearranged over time. The most important part of this is to not let yourself get overwhelmed by stress and anxiety, to learn from your mistakes and to get back on your feet with the best of attitudes when, perhaps, you didn’t make the best decisions. The following are some guidelines that can help you take the best approach to reaching your goals, whether they are personal, work-related, financial or involve family.

  • Understanding the roots of stress and anxiety

Almost everyone goes through episodes of stress and anxiety. If they are not controlled, however, they can lead to heart disease and cause extreme feelings of fear and distress. To put these feelings to an end, try asking yourself: What types of events, actions or people bring them on? In general, do I have positive or negative thoughts? Do I often think about the future optimistically or do I feel defeated?

The key: The key is in your attitude. It’s what determines the course of a situation. It is in your hands to see it as something good or bad.

Take action: Give yourself 5 minutes a day to breathe and visualize what you want. This allows the mind to become quiet, slows your breathing and helps to clear your thoughts.

  • Recharge your energy naturally
  • Walk barefoot on the grass
  • Expose your face to the sun with your eyes closed from 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m.
  • Feel the fresh air
  • Swim in the sea
  • Swim in a river or in a pool
  • Hug a tree: The therapeutic powers of this natural being can fill us with good vibrations and is even used as a remedy to cure different illnesses, each type of tree having different properties.
  • Lead a nutritional practice

This means leading a balanced diet, with the appropriate portion sizes. In order to function and to perform well, the body and the mind need servings of different food groups.

Whether you are vegetarian, a raw foodist, are a lover of all foods or you prefer meat, find out how to reach this balance.

The key: Try to drink at least one liter of water a day. This practice helps to clean and refresh the body.

Take action: Before eating in the morning, try adding a slice of lime or lemon to your water or eating it by itself. Don’t forget to taste it!

  • Take advantage of short breaks

It is important to give yourself permission to take a break from your routine. This does not just refer to going on a vacation, it also includes opportunities to take carpentry, painting or gardening classes, or choosing togo to a park.

The key: Make this personal time meaningful and check in with yourself about your dreams.

Take action: Make it a goal to make your mind feel calm and relaxed. These short breaks are beneficial to your daily productivity.

Set your alarm for 10 minutes before you normally wake up. Spend this time enjoying how it feels to be alive and use it to give thanks for what each day brings.

  • Evaluate your relationships with others

This step is fundamental. It is not just about how I feel with others, but about how others feel in my presence. It is a two-way relationship and is something we need on a daily basis.

The key: Think about the perception you leave after having a conversation with an acquaintance, friend or family member. It’s not about trying to please everyone, but about trying to have a smooth conversation.

Take action: Be more conscious about what you think and talk about. This will help you leave a positive impression on the hearts of others without saying words that are hurtful.

  • Medicine for happiness

In the words of Dr. José Gerardo Albán, “It’s about loving yourself and avoiding being so hard on yourself. It’s important to make progress and express yourself, but without guilt, shame or fear. I am good, the best version of myself. If I love myself, I eat healthy, I do physical activity, I walk, I get fresh air, I spend time in the sun, I enjoy life without restraint or without feeling inhibited about the near future, and it only depends on me to make a decision and change my life.”

10 times a day, repeat who you want to be – healthier, full of life or more prosperous – starting with the phrase “I am.”

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