Make quitting a goal Make quitting a goal

A study from Oxford University concludes that smokers that gradually reduce their dose of nicotine are more likely to not reach their goal than those who quit at once. 

In order to reach this conclusion, 697 people that wanted to stop this habit were brought together for the study. They were divided into two groups: the first group quit on a specific date and the second group progressively reduced the number of cigarettes they consumed.

Four weeks after they quit smoking, 39% of those that had progressively quit their use of nicotine continued to remain smoke-free, compared to 49% of those who quit cold turkey.

According to this research, those who quit smoking little by little faced two challenges: leaving their habit behind and meeting their gradual goals for reducing their consumption. The challenge to those who quit cold turkey is that they must stick with this decision.

In any case, whichever approach is best, “It is best to reduce your consumption than do nothing,” the report states.

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