Make sure your holiday cravings don’t get the best of you Make sure your holiday cravings don’t get the best of you

Keeping your consumption of ultra-processed food and drink under control during this holiday season will help you to enjoy it stress-free.

According to the National Nutrition Survey of Colombia, 56.4% of Colombians are overweight and 37.7% are obese. Because obesity predisposes people to diseases such as diabetes, it is important to maintain a balanced diet, especially in December – a time where the intake of alcohol and food increases. The following are some recommendations:

  • Holiday cravings? It’s ok to have them, but be smart. Try to give the body just the right amount and seek out alternative ways of cooking such as adding natural sweeteners and not frying in reused oil.
  • Eating at night is not bad, but eating too much during the day is. Try to keep track of how much you eat at breakfast and lunch so that what you eat at night meets your daily caloric needs without going overboard.
  • Remember that alcohol is a source of empty calories and contains high amounts of sugar. It is best to limit yourself to one or two beers or drinks, and for your goal to not be getting drunk.}
  • Replace that tamale with more variety. Tamales are about 90% carbohydrates, which is why it is best to opt for more balanced meals that contain protein, carbohydrates, vegetables and fats.

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