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Make well-being your new year’s resolution | Health Coomeva Magazine
Make well-being your new year’s resolution Make well-being your new year’s resolution

We often start our year with the motivation to change our habits and reach new goals.

The trick is for these desires and ideas to not fade away. The Mayo Clinic website recommends creating a vision for well-being that helps you focus on your priorities and establish concreate actions.

What do I want for myself? What is my life like when I am at my best? These two questions can help you to focus. Also, try considering the following guidelines:

  • What does well-being mean to me? Ask yourself this question and write your answer. Make a list of what you want for your relationships, spirituality, self-care, work life, etc.
  • Be creative. You don’t have to use a list. Try using paragraphs, sentences, acronyms or just one word that is meaningful.
  • Visualize. Bring these ideas and your image of well-being to your mind in a quiet place where you can focus.
  • Edit. If you feel that your goal is no longer relevant at any given time, review it and consider the possibility of changing it.

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