Make your house an entertainment center Make your house an entertainment center

Staying at home is not necessarily boring. Here are some ideas to have fun both alone and with your family.  

The Psychology and Mind website recommends being creative in your free time, re-starting hobbies and pastimes and looking for other ways to spend your time.

  • Take advantage of the different social media platforms to talk to your friends and family. 
  • Do exercise at home – you can look for tutorials that can guide you. Practice yoga and meditation. 
  • Reading, writing, listening to music, and watching TV series and movies are some ideas to stay motivated.
  • Make different recipes, learn to cook, paint, or play an instrument. Gardening and crafts are other alternatives.
  • Resort to electronic leisure, such as looking for information, YouTube content, and other platforms, online courses and videogames. 
  • You can also re-read books or articles that were at one time valuable to you.
  • Plan different projects: studies, savings, vacations, etc. You can also use the time to organize or decorate your house. 

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