Make your work post more comfortable Make your work post more comfortable

Ergonomics implies adapting all the implements and furniture commonly used for working, in order to obtain more comfort and efficacy.

Pain on joints, fingers, neck and back are some of the symptoms occurring when you don’t have a suitable ergonomics at your office. The above consists in having good equipment and suitable space for maintaining a good position at your desk. Experts from the Mayo Clinic  give some advices for those people who most of the time work sited.

  1.  Chair. Should support your column curve, and also try that your feet rest on the floor or on a feet support and your thighs remain parallel to the floor. Try that your arms rest on your chair arms’ support and your shoulders to be relaxed.
  2.  Primordial objects. Have those elements you frequently use, such as the telephone, papers or stapler close in order to minimize stretching.
  3.  Keyboard and mouse. Maintain those two items on the same surface and at your reach, in such a way that your wrists remain straight and the upper part of your arms close to your body and your hands at elbow level.
  4.  Telephone. If this device is constantly required and simultaneously you need to write, use loud-speaker or earpieces.
  5.  Desk. Sufficient room for your legs should exist beneath your desk. If your desk has hard borders, place a small pad or a support for your wrists.
  6.  Monitor. Locate your monitor directly in front of you, at the level of your eyes, at one arm’s distance behind the keyboard.

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