Making good decisions on a daily basis Making good decisions on a daily basis

The people that surround us have a direct influence on how we see the world.

“Two people who see the same movies, the same books, who share the same experiences, and who only talk to each other, after two weeks, begin to show common patterns at the level of language, emotions, and even views,” explains Moran Cerf, professor of neuroscience and business from Northwestern University in the U.S. Professor Cerf has researched how humans make decisions for over a decade.

To that end, he recommends that the best decision that anyone can make is to choose the people one surrounds themselves with correctly, as they can leave an impact on how one relates to reality, beyond what can be perceived or explained. “If you choose a bad partner and you spend 10 years with that person, the decision will have a significant impact on your life,” Professor Cerf states.

The neuroscientist also invites people to surround themselves with people who have the characteristics they want for their own lives. For example, if you want to be more optimistic, happy, reflective or take on new reading or eating habits, it is best to spend time with those who have these behaviors, he suggests.