Making physical activity a habit Making physical activity a habit

In order to increase your amount of physical activity, there is no need to laboriously go to the gym or play a sport. You can be active from home, at work or during your free time. 

The U.S. Department of Agriculture recommends choosing activities that you normally enjoy and that can be done regularly. The activity should last longer than 10 minutes; if it is shorter than this period, it will not have the same positive effects on your health.

Here are some of the activities to consider depending where you are:

  • At work:
    • During coffee or lunch breaks, take advantage of this time to go on a 10-minute walk instead of staying seated. This will not only keep you physically active, but mentally active as well.
    • If you get to work by car, try parking far away so that you have to walk a little further. If you go by bus or metro, try getting off one stop before you need to.
    • Instead of using the elevator, take as many stairs as you can.
    • Join an exercise class or a sports team at work if your office has one.
  • At home or during free time:
    • Take your dog outside and go for a walk, don’t just look after it.
    • Walk more and drive less when you have to go to places close by. If you can get somewhere between 10 and 20 minutes by foot, it is best to not take your car.
    • If you have a baby, take them through the house or go to a park in their stroller.
    • When you go with your children to play soccer or other sports, take advantage of this time to run a few laps around the field while you watch them play.