Medical assistance over the phone Medical assistance over the phone

Medical assistance over the phone

CORPORATE 2 February, 2017 Cristina Calle

an additional service to your healthcare service, Healthline offers phone consultations on nutrition and psychology.

With the goal of providing comprehensive service to our policyholders, Coomeva Private Healthcare together with Coomeva Emergency Medical (CEM) has expanded their phone services, and is now offering nutritional and psychological consultations by phone.

This service is called Healthline (Telesalud in Spanish) and provides a series of services that can be offered long-distance thanks to information and communication technology. Currently, CEM is providing medical consultations over the phone with a team of professionals that includes a general practitioner, nurse, psychologist and nutritionist. This allows for those situations that need immediate treatment to be attended to without having to travel to a healthcare institution. This service does not seek to replace in-person doctor’s visits; its objective is to complement the attention our affiliates already receive.

This service is an added benefit and operates in two specific areas of service:

  • Teleservice: provides orientation and answers users’ questions. This is for those users that request this service by their own initiative.
  • Telecare: provides over-the-phone follow-up and education to users that are at risk or have a previously identified chronic condition. The purpose of this service is to improve their adherence to treatment and improve the quality of life of users and their support network

Medical assistance

According to Coomeva Private Healthcare affiliates, the service provided by Healthline was highly valued as a form of medical assistance and received the following satisfaction ratings in 2016: psychology, 94%; nutrition, 93%; nursing, 100%. It is also an important tool for healthcare professionals in orienting and providing education on conditions both for patients and caretakers.

To access these services, dial 018000-918082 or use our Private Healthcare App. This is a free hotline that operates from Monday through Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. and Saturdays between 8:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. Through this line, appointments can be scheduled for phone consultations in the areas of nutrition and psychology.