Medications: a click away Medications: a click away

Medications: a click away

Trends 18 November, 2016 Ana María López de Mesa

The key to getting the best medical treatment is to better understand the medications that we take, their proper use and their possible side effects on the body.

In order to achieve this the Colombian government has launched the application Medicamentos a un clic (Medications: a click away), a tool that includes information on the different medications that are prescribed in Columbia’s health care system.

The idea with this application is to attain a more widespread proper use of medication, both by the healthcare professionals that prescribe them as well as by end consumers. This will allow for healthcare professionals to have all the information they need in order to make different treatment decisions depending on the individual situations of each patient. As for end consumers, they will be able to access information about their treatment as well as learn about recommendations on their proper use.

Some of the information that users or patients that take medication can find through this digital tool include:

  • Precautions and contraindications
  • Negative side effects
  • Warnings with regard to women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, kidney and liver disease, the elderly, and drug and food interactions

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