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Medicine for happiness

A healthy mind 3 August, 2016 Activa Mesa de ayuda

Smiling heals physical diseases. In order to get better, have a positive and determined mentality in order to understand the disease and its origin.

José Gerardo Albán, Physician.

Since the 70’s, the scientific world began to connect physical health problems with people’s emotions. In 1964, psychiatrist George Solomon noticed that the condition of his patients with rheumatoid arthritis worsened when they were stressed; which is what was happening not only with this condition, but with different autoimmune diseases.

Later, other healthcare professionals found that there was also a similar connection between stress and the endocrine system; when women became stressed, their menstrual cycle either shortened or became longer. It was finally determined that this state affects the body.

In order to explain this, it is important to understand that the body releases both positive substances such as dopamine (which makes the body feel healthy), as well as negative substances such as cortisol (the stress hormone), which make the body feel stressed out, angry or sad. These first substances consist of 50% of the neurotransmitters that are in charge of expressing joy, enthusiasm, vitality and happiness.

This was explained by surgeon José Gerardo Albán, who has studied techniques for treating people without medications or diagnostic procedures. “I came across a new science called psychoneuroendocrinoimmunology, which explains how the mind can make us sick and how the mind can heal us.”

According to the WHO, 85% of diseases are psychosomatic. “If the origin of the disease is in the mind, that is where we have to treat it. As doctors, we focus on the body; we perform symptom-based treatment and we do not get to the root of the problem,” he emphasizes.

When people go to a psychiatrist, they prescribe them medications to treat depression, to help them sleep and to manage their panic attacks, among other conditions. This allows for dopamine to be artificially released into the body. There is a natural way to produce it, however; and that is by smiling. Each time you smile, even if you do not feel like doing it, dopamine is produced which counteracts cortisol.

“If you have a headache, what should you do? Laugh. And if you have gastritis? Laugh. You will begin to notice that your life will change. It works!” explains the specialist.

When someone is stressed or depressed, they release cortisol, their blood pressure increases, and their blood-sugar level increases. This contributes to obesity and causes acne, osteoporosis and gastritis; mentally, the individual enters into a dark space, making them negative. In general, the individual’s immune system becomes low, making it easier for viruses and bacteria to attack. This is why after experiencing emotional trauma, it is common for colds or body aches and headaches to occur.

According to the specialist, the first thing you can do is to stop the negative substances that make you sick from producing, and generate the positive ones that heal you. These positive substances are released through positive thoughts such as joy, happiness, love and being at peace with yourself. “The key is to be happy, which is why my instructions for healing any disease is to have a doctor’s appointment for happiness, or medicine for happiness, where I teach people what they have to do to be happy and cure themselves of any disease such as cancer, lupus, arthritis, and asthma, among others. And all that they need to change is their mental programming.”

It is best for the individual to first filter through their mind, take note of what has happened in the last few days, months or years. “It is important to know what is affecting them emotionally and when they became aware of the problem. Often times, when they discover this, they are healed. It is not in what is physical it is in what is mental,” he adds.

In order to explain this, Dr. Albán affirms, “Nobody dies of cancer. Patients die from thinking that they are going to die from the disease. When they say, ‘You have cancer,’ or some other disease without a cure, the majority of people release their own internal negative pharmaceutical laboratory; but when this vicious cycle is broken, people can think of the future and choose to continue living. That is when one’s life expectancy is raised from months to years.”

The cure for happiness is to love yourself. ‘Stop beating up on yourself,’ as they say. It is important to move on and express yourself: “No guilt, embarrassment, or fear. I am a good person, the product of the best parts of myself. If I love myself I eat healthy, I engage in physical activity, I walk, I breathe in fresh air, I go out in the sun, I enjoy life without restraint nor am I frustrated because of a future that is being cut short. Making the decision to change my life depends on me.”

Abandoning traditional medicine or medications is not necessary. It is important for people to understand that the power of the mind can heal. It is a process. Little by little the improvement can be seen and the person will feel the need to progressively have fewer treatment sessions or medications. When happiness allows you to see the suggested treatment as something good, the results will be even better; this represents the disease working towards healing.

Coomeva Private Healthcare keeps its members in mind by providing them with the tools to heal physically and emotionally through the power of a positive and powerful mind. Revista Salud Coomeva, together with Dr. Albán, will hold a “Medicine for Happiness” conference in major cities throughout the second half of the year. Find out how to attend at your closest Comprehensive Healthcare Unit (UIS, Spanish acronym) •


The Road to Medicine for Happiness

the following recommendations may help many to transform their ability to change their perspective.

  1. Every day, imagine who you want to be. Decide if you want to be younger, healthier, full of life, happy, etc.
  2. Throughout the day, at least 10 times a day, repeat who you want to be by saying, “I am:” I am healthy, I am young, I am happy, etc.
  3. Before closing your eyes and going to sleep every night, think of yourself as a healthy being. Someone who is healthy, has no tumors or pain. This person that you imagine will stay with you and the next day when you wake up, this is the person that will be with you throughout the day.
  4. Smile every hour, this is your dose of dopamine. If you are sick, in some sort of health crisis or are in pain, dedicate five minutes, three times a day, to thinking that the organ or body part that is ill is healing, getting better and is becoming regenerated. Imagine a new healthy you.
  5. Before going to bed write down what you are thankful for: family, your job, your home. This positive thought will bring you peace and will prepare you for new situations and people to be brought on.
  6. Smile everywhere and at everyone. If you want people to love you, love. Happiness is contagious.