Meditate for a healthy brain Meditate for a healthy brain

Meditation significantly benefits the areas of the brain related to memory, self-consciousness, empathy and stress.

According to studies from Harvard Medical School, people who practice meditation regularly are more aware of everything that happens to them and have an easier time concentrating.

When practiced frequently, meditation affects three large areas of the brain: the rhombencephalon (the upper part of the spinal cord), the mesencephalon (responsible for performing many basic functions such as breathing) and the forebrain (related to language use, planning and the search for creative solutions to new problems).

Research has also shown that meditation (as well as reading) has significant effects on us at an emotional level. When practiced for over eight weeks, it can reduce symptoms of stress and depression. It also allows people to feel more at peace and gives them a feeling of greater happiness. (Related article: Tips for doing yoga, the right way).