Men more aware of their health Men more aware of their health

Men’s health month is also celebrated in June. This is an opportunity for them to visit a doctor and subject to a routine physical check-up.

The Medicine National Library of the United States of America  provides some patterns for taking the best advantage from your next visit to the specialist:

  •  Write a list with your doubts, any allergy and all the drugs, herbs or vitamins you take.
  •  Make a description of your symptoms, when did they start, what improves them.
  •  Go to your appointment with your doctor with a close friend or a relative.
  •  Take something to make notes.
  •  Be sure you are understanding the diagnostic and treatment your doctor is giving you.

Mainly remember to be honest about your symptoms and the habits associated to your life style. It depends on you to actively participate in the caring of your health.

Take in account

For having a healthy life includes regularly making exercise and watch your weight, don’t smoke, use the drugs you have been prescribed according to their instructions, eat in a healthy and balanced way, take good care of your teeth and control your blood pressure.

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