Millennials concerned about their health Millennials concerned about their health

The internet is not the only thing Millennials are connected to; they are also connected to their well-being.

The agency EFE Salud published a study conducted by the Mapfre Foundation that analyzed the behavior of millennials between ages 20 and 35 in regard to their health, exercise, food and entertainment.

This is the first digital native generation that spends more than 6 hours a day connected to the internet. In the study’s findings, 49% were determined to be quite interested in their health, 32% demonstrated having a low interest in managing their food and exercise, and 19% demonstrated having a complete lack of concern. About eight out of every ten millennials considers health to be very important in their lives and as a result, seek out healthy lifestyles and want to be informed about them.

As for mental health, two out of three state they are happy. As a generation, their emotional well-being is as important to them as their physical and mental well-being. Similarly, this generation also practices healthy habits, focused mainly on exercise and food-related activities while also giving importance to rest and comfort.

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