Moderate your kids’ consumption this Halloween Moderate your kids’ consumption this Halloween

The day has come that all kids really enjoy. But Halloween can cause stomachaches for kids, and headaches for parents.

Halloween is an occasion where it is easy to get out of control with sweets, which is problematic for kids as well as parents. Specialists agree that parents should give their kids a satisfying, well-balanced meal before they go trick-or-treating in an effort to prevent them from eating so many sweets. Also, parents should check the candy before their kids eat it, throwing away any candy with a strange appearance or that contains ingredients their child is allergic to. For the younger kids, parents need to be extra careful because they could eat sweets that look like candy but are actually gum, or eat sweets that are too big and can cause them to choke.

The National Institute for Medicine and Food Surveillance (Invima)  asks parents to make sure that the packaging has not deteriorated or been altered, and not to consume candy or sweets that have strange or unknown smells, flavors, or other characteristics. Also, make sure the candy you give out at your house is purchased from a trusted place.

The American Academy of Pediatrics states that it is important for parents to ration sweets and explain to their children that they can eat them, little by little, over the next few weeks. Establishing clear rules and explaining what can happen if they eat too many sweets is essential in preventing illnesses that can be more serious than indigestion or having too much energy. Consuming high doses of sugar can cause cavities, gastrointestinal ailments, and excess weight gain.

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