“My Story,” a personalized guide “My Story,” a personalized guide

This is a tool that seeks to meet the healthcare needs and goals of all affiliates.

Advisor_ Iván Yunis Mebarak. Medical Director at Funcional

My Story: Your Health and Loving Yourself, is a web and mobile app that affiliates of Coomeva Private Healthcare can access from any location. It is a personalized system based on functional medicine that allows people to locate the origin of their health problems, which can help them better understand their own conditions. It is like building a constantly evolving digital version of patients’ medical histories that guides them to change their lifestyles to prevent and treat their health risks.

How does it work?
After entering a record of your symptoms, diseases, medical history and traumatic events, the app examines what elements of your lifestyle may be causing your health problems. The program then filters this data to continually send personalized recommendations that contain scientific evidence through e-mail and text messages. Patients can also interact and ask questions that are relevant to them that are answered as soon as possible by our experts.
This application arises from a medical practice that consists of exploring all of a patient’s habits and conditions, working to achieving a more accurate diagnosis of the causes of a disease and designing a plan of action to address the problem. “We have found that this detailed record of information and this level of personalized recommendations is practical for many people, offers them security and  over time  becomes a tool they use on an ongoing basis,” states Iván Yunis Mebarak, Medical Director of Funcional, the company that created this application.
Through tools like these, Coomeva Private Healthcare can contribute its healthcare experience so that its affiliates and their families are protected through the promotion of self-care, mental wellbeing and comprehensive care in children, youth and adults.

At http://medicinaprepagada.coomeva.com.co, our users will find Mi Historia Cuidarte es Quererte (My Story: Your Health and Loving Yourself), a place where they can record their medical history and find recommendations that cater to their healthcare needs.