My story: our commitment to your health My story: our commitment to your health

Having an ongoing medical history allows users to be more aware of their conditions and the habits they can change.

More than just curing the disease, it is our commitment at Coomeva Private Healthcare to prevent disease. This is why we are transforming the concept of healthcare by providing personalized support to users and their families all throughout their lives. The My Story web and mobile application is a personalized tool we invite you to use to better understand your healthcare needs and goals, your health conditions and to remind you of the importance of including self-care as part of your routine.

Convenience and support

From anywhere, and with just one click, you can access this easy-to-use program and, after filling out a basic questionnaire about your current health status, you will receive a call from a provider who will provide guidance for your diagnoses and recommend any treatment to follow-up on with the appropriate specialist. The platform also sends text messages with recommendations backed by scientific evidence and offers patients the opportunity to download an e-book with useful tips for everyday life.

Another aspect of this service is that it provides you the opportunity to update your data on the platform with information on any symptoms you may be having, foods that are causing indigestion, problems falling asleep, changes in weight, and other relevant information that may influence your overall wellbeing. This will help create an ongoing digital medical history, which will allow each user to reduce their risk factors, receive recommendations and prevent long-term illnesses, because we know the importance of Your Health and Loving Yourself.

How to access the program

  • Our users will find My Story Coomeva Private Healthcare at:,
  • You can also download the app by searching for My Story Coomeva Private Healthcare in the Appstore or through Google Play.

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