Nightmares, a temporary bad dream Nightmares, a temporary bad dream

Everybody has had a night of terrific dreams any time in life, which makes you feel fear, anxiety or anguish.

However, explains the KidsHealth portal, this type of dream is irreal, and therefore doesn’t harm the individual. But why nightmares occur?

It is clinically explained that nightmares can have their origin in releasing the tensions of the day. In children, for example, they usually appear when difficult situations are confronted, such as problems at home, at school and stress derived from sport or homework. In general, important changes in the life of an individual, such a moving to another house, diseases or the death of a loved one also give rise to a stress that result in bad dreams. Watching frightening movies or reading frightening books, especially before going to bed, are another common reason for the appearance of bad dreams.

Having a healthy dream hygiene, which implies going to bed and waking up at the same hour always, avoiding naps, as well to avoiding eating or exercising just before going to bed, help to have a better rest. In the case of the little ones, the recommendation is to sleep with a plush toy animal for feeling more secure, use a night table lamp or leave the bedroom door open, as in this way they will remember their parents are close.

Take into account

The nightmares occur more frequently during preschool stage, when it is very common to fear dark.

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