Oral cancer: Common types and detection Oral cancer: Common types and detection

Oral cancer is mainly caused by tobacco and is much more common among men between ages 45 and 60.

According to the Foundation for the College of Dentists in Madrid, several different types of cancer can occur in the oral cavity. Of all of these types of cancer, however, oral squamous cell carcinoma (OSCC) is one of the most frequent malignant tumors there are, representing more than 90% of all cancers that occur in the oral cavity.

According to the foundation, it is most common in areas such as the tongue and the floor of the mouth; however, it can occur in almost any part of the mouth. Throughout the world, it is the fifth most common type of cancer among men, and the seventh most common type among women.

Detecting it on time

Be aware of a wound or ulcer in the mouth that does not heal after two weeks, a white or red lesion that does not go away, or any lump that is not associated with a tooth infection.

One of the most common causes of oral carcinoma is tabaco and excessive alcohol consumption. There are other factors, however, that can lead to the onset of oral cancer such as diets that are low in fruits and vegetables, poor oral hygiene or teeth that are in poor condition.

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The Foundation for the College of Dentists in Madrid highlights that the best way to prevent the onset of this type of cancer is to avoid tabaco, moderate your consumption of alcoholic beverages, maintain a healthy diet and practice good oral hygiene and health.