Other sources of calcium Other sources of calcium

For those who choose to follow a vegetarian diet, they must make sure they receive this mineral through other types of foods. The following are some alternatives.


Due to the fact that they cannot include milk in their everyday diet, people who are allergic to casein (milk protein) or who are lactose intolerant (the sugar in milk) may increase their risk of bone loss.


This also applies to those who decide to not consume dairy products in order to lead a vegetarian diet. However, as the American Society for Nutrition explains, in addition to dairy products, certain foods that can serve as a good source of calcium.


Legumes. Legumes also serve as a good source of fiber and protein. For example, 100 g of garbanzo beans provides the same amount of calcium as half a glass of milk. With soybeans, the amount of calcium is double that of garbanzo beans.


Tips on how to eat it: Because it is rich in calcium, soymilk is a great alternative for people who are allergic to certain components of cow’s milk. It can also be used to make fruit smoothies or hot chocolate.


Seafood. Seafood provides a good source of protein, is low in calories and supplies about 220 mg of calcium for every 100 g, which is a fairly high amount for this mineral.


Tips on how to eat it: There are several ways they can be prepared such as grilled with just a little salt, pepper and a few drops of olive oil; cooked in garlic; or by squeezing some lime juice on it.


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